TRU Beginnings



Opportunities for early development of new works. A unique series of 4 different workshops designed to offer guidance and networking for writers, directors and everyone involved in making theater.

TRU Practical Playwriting

"This workshop was filled with Diana Amsterdam's deep  guidance for structuring a play good enough for producers to want to invest time and money, Patrick Blake's real-world strategies for connecting with producers who are already inundated with scripts, and Gillien Goll's ability to prepare us emotionally and spiritually as well as pragmatically to speak about our stories not as robots but as human beings producers want to listen to. Last thing I wanted to do on a sunny Saturday in May... but every minute resonated with value!" ~T. Anntares


"Great workshop, today as always. Wonderful panel and terrific presenters. I learned so much in such a short space of time." ~Pat Lin

Writer-Producer Speed Date

"I brought my play Adam Then to a TRU writer/director speed date with uncertain expectations.... Before the speed date even happened, the TRU team helped me craft a logline and pitch document that crystallized the play's plot and theme and, at the speed date, caught the attention of a producer. With his advocacy and support, my director and I organized a developmental staged reaching at The Drama League, for which TRU served as fiscal sponsor. I doubt we ever would have gotten this far without TRU!" ~ Terry Milner

"A couple of the producers even told me to call so-and-so at such-and-such 'and tell 'em I sent you.'  I wasn't expecting such positive results. Plus, the event got me to hone the way I talk and write about my show - the improvements will, I'm sure, help me as I contact other producers and theaters. A highly positive experience." ~Mike Takiff

"The experience was amazing (aside from when I threw up right before meeting the producers - just kidding). Nerve wracking but very helpful. Kind of like theater Shark Tank." ~Gwyn McAllister

Director-Writer Communications Lab

I found it helpful and illuminating in a number of ways.... It made me aware of the necessity of a lengthy and focussed discussion before any commitments are made. To be honest I didn't know exactly what to expect. It was, therefore, useful both to talk through the issues raised by my own play with a director like Cate [Cammarata] and to observe other couples going through the process of discovering whether they could work together or not. It was also moving to witness unexpected dramatic moments in the course of the day. And finally the presence of two such knowledgeable and successful Broadway producers as Ken [Waissman] and Margot [Astrachan] commenting freely on the proceedings was a huge bonus. ~ Dennis Porter, playwright

"You created a wonderful space for us writers. And, personally, it could have not gone better for me and the relationship I hope to have started with Mark [Robinson, my Lab director]. He gets my words written on paper and that's fantastic." ~Jonathan Citron, writer

"Thank you for the incredible workshop this past Saturday.  It really turned out well and I met some incredibly talented people.  Laura Italiano and I have really hit it off and have decided to keep working together on her script." ~Kevin Lambert, director

How to Write a Musical That Works

"Janet and I LOVED the workshop part 3 and very excited to be invited back for part 1. So many things to admire about your panel and you and Cate - the integrity and kindness along with such intelligence - we are fans of all!!" ~Barbara Rottman
"I learned so much from the TRU panel of top theater industry professionals! The opportunity to present a short section from my anti-bullying musical "SssWitch!" gives me a motivational deadline and focus! TRU saves me money and time...and makes my show a musical on the move!" ~ Susan Horowitz
"It was a great day with invaluable information. I was very happy with my feedback from the panel and even more so with the feedback and suggestions that were given to the other writers.  I felt like I got to see 10 mini Broadway shows and the talent of the writers was simply amazing.  Not to mention the talent of the performers we were all lucky to have help represent our work." ~Roger Nehls
"I'm SO happy to have been part of it... so much talent and such gracious people." ~Lina Koutrakos
"I felt honored to be there, and I learned a lot from your comments as well as those of the other panelists. A really enjoyable and worthwhile experience!" ~Arnie Roman
"The discussions were interesting, engaging, and very thought-provoking. I feel like I walked away with several valuable tips on how to make my current 'work in progress' more marketable. " ~Kandi Krumins
"Awesome workshop! I was extremely impressed with the high quality, and truly grateful for the experience and new knowledge.... Lots of amazing info, helpful in editing my script. All the panelists were sensational...." ~Alice Shapiro