2018 Summer Donor Drive

(WE NEED $8,000 BY LABOR DAY 9/3!)

Raised: 9/2 $5775 (with another $600 pledged) = $6375 
Raised: 9/3 (1pm) $6045  (with another $600 pledged) = $6645
Raised: 9/3 (2:30) $6330 (with another $600 pledged) = $6930
Raises: 9/3 (8:00pm) $6580 
(with another $600 pledged) = $7180
Raised: 9/3 (midnight) $6715 (with $700 pledged) = $7415

Still need $585 to reach our goal

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Summers are always a slog, which is why we reach out every year around this time and ask for a little extra support to keep us going and growing. This year was especially tough. We had been getting $5000 from the City Council every year through the generous support of former Council Member Inez Dickens. Emphasis on "former" ‚Äď Dickens moved on to the State Assembly last year (hurrah!), and was not able to access state funds to help us in 2018 (boo!). And we haven't yet made a blip on the radar of her City Council replacement (sheesh...), but I assure you we are working on it.

The City Council was, in particular, supporting three TRU programs: our monthly informational panels, our TRU Voices Musicals and Plays Series and our Producer Development & Mentorship Program. Council Member Dickens genuinely admired the work we do for the community. We miss her, but maybe you can help fill in what's missing.

 - Help us continue to offer our monthly panels free for members (and a really low-priced $12.50 for non-members) -venue and refreshment costs per panel is about $200 each month, or $2200 for the year;
- Support us with the funds to pay for the readings of 3 new musicals in January 2019 and keep submissions free for members (the total cost is about $10,000 for three shows, and non-member submission fees account for about $400);
- Make it possible for us to offer our program for developing new producers, at a really affordable price, so we can maintain our goal of being the affordable training program for aspiring producers (our 10-month course is currently just $295 compared to other similar programs out there that cost two or three times as much; and our expenses are about $600 a month including stipends for our 4 program directors, $6000 for the year).

Meanwhile membership renewals and donations slow down during the lazy summer days, and we make this annual plea to motivate your giving. Is it working? Here's how we can put your generous donation to good use:

♥ $2500 -¬†production costs for¬†a reading of a new musical¬†in our TRU Voices Reading Series (for a 3-year commitment,¬†we'll even name an award for you or someone you want to honor), or about two weeks of staff salaries;
$1200 - an annual fee for one of the 4 program directors who teach aspiring producers in our Producer Development & Mentorship Program;
$1000 - the production costs for a TRU Voices Play Reading(for a 3-year commitment, we'll even name an award for you or someone you want to honor);
$500 - a monthly consultation fee for a desperately needed development consultant;
$250 - a fee for our TRU Voices administrator, the monthly fee for our publicist, or videotaping of a monthly TRU panel to share online with our out-of-town friends;
$100 - one day's salary (almost) for a staff assistant, or wine and refreshments for a TRU workshop;
$50 - light snacks for a monthly panel, or a stipend for a panelist or Speed Date coach;
$25 - one month of service from our internet mailing house, our monthly bank fee, or part of a two-week payroll period fee from our payroll service, ADP. 

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Thanks for helping TRU keep going and growing!


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