2024 Play Guidelines

(We will open for submissions for plays in August 2024)

Attention all producers and theater companies:
Let us pay for a developmental reading of your new play!
(Writers are welcome to apply, too.)

TRU VOICES Virtual New Plays Reading Series!
Submission deadline: tba
(one week extension for TRU members, and plays with a producer attached)
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For application click this link: PRS24Application (writable PDF) or PRS24Application (Word)

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Join TRU and submit as a member, no additional fee (except for feedback, if you request it).
Playwright discounted membership: $75 (regularly $95)

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TRU will produce a New Plays Reading Series in January 2024 that will consist of 2-3 new works presented in one performance each virtually on OnTheStage.com or similar virtual platform. The purpose is to:
(a) help develop new plays, and
(b) help producers develop the skills needed to produce new works.
Each reading will be followed by a “Dollars and Sense” panel discussion with prominent New York producers, general managers and artistic directors focusing on potential venues, marketing and budgeting of the work.

Producers are invited to submit new work that they are interested in developing.
Theater companies are invited to submit new work that they wish to produce in the series.
Writers are invited to submit, and are strongly encouraged to find a sponsoring producer for their work. You do not need a producer attached to submit. However, use this as an opportunity to form a relationship with a potential producer, for our series and perhaps for the future. We discourage writers from submitting as their own producers, unless you have had substantial experience as a producer. You will need to have a producer if you advance to finals. If necessary, TRU can assist you in finding an appropriate sponsoring producer.

We are looking for a diversity of works, commercial as well as experimental or “non-traditional.”
• We are interested in shows with multi-racial significance, subject matter and/or cast. BIPOC identifying playwrights will be given special consideration.
• Plays that deal with and explore current social issues are always of interest.
• Children’s shows are discouraged, although family shows are welcome. No musicals, please (TRU will produce a separate Musicals Readings Series in June 2023, pending our raising the required funding, and assuming we have returned to live performance. Check our website for an announcement of when the musicals submissions period starts.)
• Works may be as short as 75 minutes with no maximum length. However, you must be able to present in under 90 minutes, with no more than 12 actors (doubling is acceptable). The time limit must be strictly adhered to in order to allow time for the TRU industry panel afterwards. Readings will be timed and stopped after 90 minutes.
Work in its present form must not have had a previous professional production before a paying audience in the New York area, although substantially rewritten works may be considered. Explain why a staged reading would be useful after a full production.
Works previously submitted to TRU Voices may be resubmitted by special permission - email TRUPlaySubmissions@gmail.com to inquire whether your play qualifies for resubmission. Works may also be resubmitted if substantial revisions have been made, and you must explain in a cover letter exactly what is different about this version of the play.
• If the show has a production history of any sort, tell us why a reading in our series will help the further development of your show in a meaningful way.
• If considered for selection, the producer/writer team will be interviewed so we can evaluate your ability to work within the monetary endowment TRU provides, and the producer's ability to produce a successful reading. Works are accepted for performance in the series based on the ability of the producer.
• Writers must let us know if you have special requirements for your show; i.e. you expect to be in it or direct it, or you are committed to a cast or a director. Since this is a producer-driven series, we like the producer to be involved in these decisions.

• TRU members may submit free of charge.
• Non-members must submit a $25 application fee, which is applicable towards our $95 annual membership. If selected for the series, at least one member of the producing/writing team must be a paid member of TRU. For more information about the benefits of TRU membership, click here

• In order to ensure a “blind” selection process, remove your name/production company from all materials, every page.
• Fill out the attached application, and submit with:
(a) one blinded copy script emailed to truplaysubmissions@gmail.com
(b) one copy of a brief synopsis (maximum one page) emailed to truplaysubmissions@gmail.com
(c) one copy of a cast breakdown/production requirements (only if there are special requirements that might effect the reading)
(d) statement of purpose for having your play read in the TRU series emailed to truplaysubmissions@gmail.com
(d) $25 application fee (non-members only)
If your materials are not available electronically, email truplaysubmissions@gmail.com to see if we can accept sending hard copies to us. We have limited access to readers who read hard copy submissions, so it may not be possible. We no longer have the manpower to return submissions, so please do not include an SASE, as no scripts will be returned.

• Take pride in your work. Proofread for typos, and try to adhere to standard script formatting.   
• Deadline: emailed by 10/29/23 for non-members, postmark 11/5/23 for plays submitted by paid TRU members. Late deadline is also accepted for plays with a producer attached.

• A professional staged reading under the Theatre Authority Benefit Agreement, on a virtual performance platform • Access to our database of actors, technicians, etc. • A panel discussion with top industry professionals • Website, press releases and e-basts promoting the series • Box office and reservation service • A limited monetary endowment for approved production expenses • One day of auditions for all shows, as needed
• NOTE: Although we spend an average of $2000 on a virtual play reading, TRU does not ask for a monetary participation in your play's future. However, we will require that you credit us in the program for all future productions.

IMPORTANT: Although TRU will promote the reading series to our membership, the participating producers and writers must be actively involved in promoting this event and are ultimately responsible for audience attendance at their reading.

Questions can be emailed to TRU at truplaysubmissions@gmail.com
If script is not accessible via electronic submission, email Cate Cammarata at TRUPlaySubmissions@gmail.com to see if you may submit a hard copy by mail.