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25 YEARS of helping producers and all theater professionals understand and better navigate the business of theater!
25 YEARS of putting people together at all levels of experience, and offering some of the best networking opportunities in the business!
25 YEARS of providing a forum for people to put out requests and offers of services to a roomful of their peers! 
25 YEARS of cultivating relationships between the producer and artist communities and encouraging better communication!
25 YEARS of monthly panels to keep you current on developments and keep you grounded in the basics of the business!

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- THE TRU VOICES PLAY READING SERIES has helped develop 63 new plays, sometimes matching playwrights with producers, other times providing a writer and producer with a "first date" opportunity (all expenses paid) to get to know each other - and the work itself  - a little better. Taxi to Jannah  by Mark Sickman went on to productions at Queens Theatre in the Park and 59e59; Missives by Garret Jon Groenveld moved to an off-Broadway run at 59e59; The Forgetting Curve  by Vanda had a subsequent run in Boston; Film Chinois by Damon Chua and Pied a Terre by John Anastasi were both published by Samuel French and have had further productions in and outside of New York; Appendage by Derek Murphy moved into a run at the 1st Irish Festival; Echoes of Octavia by Michelle Johnson was optioned for development by Rhymes over Beats; and The Assignment used our series as a stepping stone to a recent off-Broadway run.
-THE TRU VOICES MUSICALS READING SERIES has helped develop 45 new works of musical theater, nurturing 45 writer-producer teams. Saint Heaven by Martin Casella and Keith Gordon went on to developmental productions at Village Theatre in Issaqua and a full production at Stamford Center for the Performing Arts; The Great American Trailer Park Musical by Betsy Kelso & David Nehls had a major off-Broadway run in 2005 and national tour; nor'mal by Yvonne Adrian, Cheryl Stern & Tom Kochan went on to win the prestigious Jonathan Larsen Award and had productions in universities across the country; and My Life Is a Musical  by Adam Overett was optioned for commercial development from our series and had a production at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor.
- THE TRU AUDITION EVENT has helped over 200 actors every year find jobs and helped over 60 producers and theater companies  each year find actors to cast in their shows. And since we've done this annual event now for 14 years ... well, you do the math! 
- 26 WRITER-PRODUCER SPEED DATES have provided 550 total opportunities for writers to learn how to effectively pitch their work, as well as giving them the rare chance to meet as many as 20 commercial, indie and/or not-for-profit producers at each event. And yes, matches were made!
- Eleven years of our PRODUCER DEVELOPMENT AND MENTORSHIP has molded and nurtured over 200 producers and self-producing artists, including many who have gone on to win Tony Awards (including Van Dean, Jane Dubin and Meredith Lucio); as well as others who have contributed richly to the indie and not-for-profit theater landscape and provided countless opportunities for a dazzling diversity of voices.
- Other TRU BEGINNINGS WORKSHOPS have offered opportunities for early development of new work, including How to Write a Musical That Works and our innovative Director-Writer Communications Lab.
- We've hosted 25 years of MONTHLY PANELS, an average of 10 panels a year - that's 250 chances to hear some of the smartest people in the business talk about everything you need to know about producing, and so much more! 

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