Audition Event Quotes


This was my first TRU theatre audition event and I was very happy with the whole process. From start to finish it was very well organized and informative. As soon as you get accepted you are given very specific guidelines to help give the best performance you can give. With all the information all your questions have already been answered. It was certainly a great opportunity to show and perform you're talent. The staff was very friendly and focused, gave clear instructions on where to go and when to do it. I never felt rushed to do something or overwhelmed. I was very, very, very happy with all the direction and organization and friendliness that was within the room. A very peaceful and happy place to be, I certainly would attend again. ~Reginald James Albert III, '16

I had the pleasure of attending a TRU Q&A and also auditioning at the TRU audition event this last Spring in NYC. I am so thankful for the whole experience as it was so positive and truly changed my life. ~Colleen Campbell, '16

I just am taking the time to say Thank You, to you and the TRU team. I felt really good being there today, for the audition, the great people I met, and the great atmosphere that you and the team set up. ~ Florence Regina, '16

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful event this past Saturday's auditions were. You and your staff are so professional and kind and organized! ~Cara Feuer, '16

I wish all similar events were as well organized and executed as this was.  I was able to focus on doing my best ITR and not distracted by logistics. Great job. ~Joe Harkins, 2016

I was contacted by Dulcina Eisen talent agency after they saw me at TRU. I auditioned for them a few weeks ago and I'm going in to sit down with them next week to talk about representation. ~Aaron Riesebeck, '14

I've gotten a lot of calls as a result of TRU. At this point, the count is probably four or five, but there are more coming in every week. The audition was definitely a big boon to me. ~Charlie Mann, '14

I have heard from four auditors so far. Outside of acting lessons, auditioning at your event is the smartest move I've made in my pursuit of a professional career. I've been doing this almost four years, but only 11 days after your event, I can say I have representation: This morning, along with others invited from the TRU auditions, I attended a Talent Express orientation where Lorna Rainey said she will add those of us interested to a Developmental Roster. ~Bruce Apar, '14

I just wanted to share the good news about Chris Richards, my 11 year old son who participated in the auditioning process this year.From that audition he was called in to audition and was cast in A Christmas Carol ... andELF at Paper Mill Playhouse. And even better news: he was cast as Jack in the new Broadway musicalFinding Neverland opening this Spring! Thanks for being part of Chris Richards experience. ~Christina Richards

I would like to send thanks to those who attended Sunday afternoon. I've already been called in for a project as a result! ~Liz Lark Brown, '14

Thank you and everyone who worked so hard on putting together the wonderful audition event last weekend. Everyone was very pleasant & hardworking, and did their best to help us auditioners stay focused. The venue was great to perform in. The emails and info packages were instrumental in helping me to prepare in advance so that I wouldn't do things last minute. Bravo! ~Milla Ilieva, 14

The audience was so warm and encouraging with their laughter during my audition-that's always great on the spot feedback. ~J Nycole Ralph, '14

Very pleased with the TRU audition process. Been getting contacted every week. ~Daniel Michael Crane, '13

This was really a wonderful and seamlessly executed audition. I had a great time and both the volunteers and attendees were generous and supportive.~Susanne Sulby, '13

You made the auditions as stress free as is most likely possible. ~Gregory Wilson, '13


I wanted to thank you for the professional way in which the sessions were held this past weekend. Everyone did an outstanding job and all of your -- and their --efforts were genuinely appreciated. ~Bob Kale, casting director, 2016 auditor

Thank you so much for the best TRU event yet! I always meet some wonderful colleagues and talent! Great networking and thank you for all the special touches this year including the wrap party!! Appreciate it all! Your welcoming staff are especially assets! ~Helene Galek, casting director, 2016 auditor

I am always so happy when we get to put actors to work and think it is great that 3 of them are from the recent TRU audition: Loren Bidner, Leighton Samuels and Reginald James Albert. And pleased that they will get a stipend - that always feels good!  I hope getting called so quickly after the audition will validate their efforts at the TRU audition! ~Cheri Wicks, American Bard Theater Company, 2016 auditor

I just wanted to let you know that we reached out to 13 actors whom we heard audition at the TRU auditions last month--asking them to tryout for BLUFF next month. And, one actor whom I was told about from a woman sat behind us at the last seminar and reached out to us after the 'introduce yourself' part of your program. So all in all, TRU has given us plenty of leads on possible actors for the show.  ~Lenore Skomal, 2016 auditor

I cannot tell you how many actors I am now working with as a result of the TRU showcase. I even booked some of them on jobs too! I attended your showcase last March and am now freelancing with 15 actors, three of which I already booked work for. I am so impressed with the caliber of the actors, I cannot wait to meet more at this year's showcase!
~Albert Bramante, Emerging Artists LLC, 2014 auditor

Thanks to the awesome TRU audition event, I was able to cast most of the roles last minute for a new play that I wrote called Darling. ~Erika Jenko, 2014 auditor

Thank you ever so much for the wonderful 2014 TRU Auditions! The venue, your staff, the organization of the event and of course the actors where super. ~Eileen Breen, Immortal Productions, 2014

I was so proud and honored to be part of the audition event. It was so well done. ~Molly Morris, POPUp Theatricals, 2014

Linda and I produced a reading of my show, A LimanAde Life, on National Cancer Survivors Day last month. We cast all the roles from folks we saw at the 2013 TRU Audition event. They were all quite talented and a joy to work with, so much so that we have cast two of them for an upcoming table read at my home. ~Joan Liman, 2013

My repeated and enthusiastic thanks, thanks, and more thanks for the weekend event. It was a major help to me and has helped put me further down the path on the Tucker Max projectand A Midsummer Night's Dream. ~Christopher Sanderson, producer/artistic director Gorilla Rep, 2013