TRU Resource Directory

The NEW TRU Resource Directory flipbook is here. Flippin' cool, huh? 

See the directory below, with listings of nearly 400 theater professionals, associations, and resources in the tri-state area. Need to pay for your ad or listing? Click here if you are a returning advertiser, or a current paid TRU Member. Click here if you are a new advertiser.

  • The navigation bar above the directory has a "Content" link that will always return you to the Table of Contents.
  • You can also navigate through the book using the colorful tabbed bookmarks along the edge of the pages.
  • Use the arrows below the directory to flip pages.
  • Click the page number in the Index to go to that page, and click on the page to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Ads are all hyperlinked to take you to the advertiser's website. And so are the URL's in all the listings. Click. Click. Click.

If you are having trouble viewing the directory, click here for PDF version: AE18-Directory-2.9.18FINALTest or click the PDF button in the navigation bar above the directory.


To inquire about advertising in our next revised directory in September, please email TRUDirectory@gmail.com. You may pay for an ad or listing that you've already purchased with the following links:
Click here if you are a returning advertiser, or a current paid TRU Member.
Click here if you are a new advertiser.

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