TRU Actors Resource Night (and “speed dating”)

No, it's not really a date. Just a way to meet some really helpful people.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Okay. There are ten stations each manned by a sponsor who offers you a service. We put you in a group of ten, each of you starts at a different station. You spend three minutes finding out about your "date." Or telling them about yourself. Or asking for advice. Or cvetching. It's your three minutes. We let you know when 30 seconds remain, and then we let you know when three minutes are up and you have to move to the next station. As a thank you, your "date" will offer you a discount or special offer (these offers are given only to people who go through Speed Dating.) At the end of a thirty minute (approx) circuit, we bring in the next group of ten. While you're waiting, you can drink and socialize. Or primp for your date.

Speed Dating actors at left, Dating Sponsors on the right, back to front:
(Matt Jared from the Network, Paula Riley, Leslie Darhonsoff,
Kevin Urban and a bit of Jodie Bentley from TheSavvyActor.com)

All photos on this page by Justin Hoch.

Meet, mingle, eat, drink and network with us. And what's this about "Speed Dating"? Is this a fix-up? Nah, it's nothing romantic. Is it an audition? Nah - no monolog slam, or need to be "on." You didn't even have to sign up for "Speed Dating" to party with us.


Joel Jules honks the end of a 3-minute date, while TRU Treasurer Courtney Sweeting looks on. Speechless.

Dating Sponsors on the left (front to back): agent Sue Winik, Matt Jared of the Network, Paula Riley, Leslie Darhonsoff, the top of Lisa Gold's head, and the back of Kevin Urban's. Speed dating actors on the right.

Techno-savvy TRU Prez Bob Ost timing one of the 44 dates.

Lisa Gold of The Actors Connection hooking up with TRU member Chris Heffron. (Don't tell Rachel.)


It's a chance to introduce yourself to our ten or eleven sponsoring hosts and spend three minutes getting to know each other before moving on. Just like real life. (Instead of flowers, our sponsors will woo you with special discount offers.) Click here for the lineup of sponsors pictured on this page.

Threesome? Nah, Small Pond's Mike Roderick offering tips to Patricia Runcie and Jeffrey Rice (who helped us time one round of dates... so he didn't have to be a two-timer)

Dating sponsors along the right wall: photographer Lee Anne Simms (back to us), Laurie Eliscu (top of head) and Penelope Brackett (back to us).

Sooo... how ya doin'? Coach Laurie Eliscu on a date.

TRU Prez Bob Ost after 44 dates.


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