TRU Love Benefit Journal and Donations

Buy a benefit journal ad, or donate to TRU Love 2019: FOLLOW YOUR ART, FULFILL YOUR DREAMS
honoring James Morgan of the York Theatre Company
and performer, producer and friend Haley Swindal 

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We've been helping our community create art and fulfill dreams for over 27 years. Join us in celebrating two kindred spirits and dear friends who have followed their own true paths while supporting so many others – help us celebrate and honor Jim Morgan and Haley Swindal. Join us if you can by purchasing a ticket, or consider taking an ad in our Benefit Journal to create a meaningful keepsake of the event.


In honor of TRU Spirit of Theater Award recipient JAMES MORGAN OF THE YORK THEATRE:

In honor of TRU Entrepreneur, friend and supporter HALEY SWINDAL:

In honor of Theater Resources Unlimited (and both honorees):


If you are a past TRU Honoree, click below to pay $25 to be listed in a combined congratulatory ad welcoming the new honorees into your circle. Or see below to take your own congratulatory ad in the Benefit Journal. 

To be included in combined past honoree ad, $25:


(please send artwork as a jpeg, tiff, eps or pdf by 11/30 - email TRUnltd@aol.com). All ads may be color.

* FULL PAGE back cover – 5”x8” - $900 - NOT AVAILABLE

With or without ticket purchase?

* FULL PAGE inside cover – 5”x8” - $750

With or without ticket?

*HALF PAGE inside cover – 5”x3.875” - $450

With or without ticket?

* FULL PAGE  – 5”x8” - $500

With or without ticket purchase?

* HALF PAGE  – 5”x3.875”h - $300

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* QUARTER PAGE  – 5”x1.875”h - $150

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Congratulatory line, $75 (25 word maximum)

Your 25 words:

* discount with ticket purchase