TRU Voices Casting


Rehearsals in January for one presentation each on a Monday night in January/February at The Actors Temple Theatre, 339 W. 47th Street, NYC. Readings will likely be done under the Equity Stage Reading Guidelines, with all performers getting a bit more than a travel stipend, at least $50 depending on the show. 

Please submit by sending a headshot and resume to TRUVoicesSeries@gmail.com - state in your subject header which show your are submitting for, and which character. If more than one show, state each show in the subject header. 

Auditions will be held Saturday 12/16, 10am to 5pm at Nola Studios, 244 W. 54th Street. By appointment only.

1. Casting breakdown for the open roles in VIVA MAX!, music & lyrics by Skip Kennon, book by Julie Miller & Fred Landau, produced by Yoni Vendriger and Mor Cohen. Performing Monday January 15th at 7pm.

A young, idealistic Mexican General seeks respect for himself and Mexico by marching his soldiers into Texas in an against-all-odds quest to reclaim the Alamo. The show is based on Jim Lehrer's rollicking satiric novel set 50 years ago, but the story remains current and passionate on 21st-century matters like immigration, gun control, and respect for foreign people and their cultures.

- Lieutenant Crecencio – Mexican army lieutenant, good-looking womanizer dashing Lancelot type, Latino, late 20’s to early 30’s, should have gorgeous baritone voice and gravitas mixed with good comic timing; note Crecencio sings one of the show’s big romantic solo ballads.

- Soldier #1 in the trio of Mexican soldiers; this track also plays a range of other parts, including American reporters, policemen and politicians – Male, needs strong High Tenor voice, and ideally have excellent comic timing both in speaking and singing. Age is flexible, but leaning towards 20’s or 30’s.

- Soldier #3 in the trio of Mexican soldiers; this track also plays a range of other parts, including film star John Wayne, and American reporters, policemen and politicians – Male, needs strong Bass voice, and ideally have excellent comic timing both in speaking and singing. Age is flexible, but leaning towards 20’s or 30’s. 

2. UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER by Mark Butler, produced by John Lant & Tamra Pica. Performing Monday January 29th at 7pm.

Once upon a time, there was "Ugly Christmas Sweater, the Musical", which takes you on a high-flying storybook sleigh ride with a wacky cast of Christmas characters that includes a scheming elf, a trashy reindeer, a Santa who hates toys, a depraved, power-hungry Christmas fairy, and an angry young woman who despises the holiday, is thrown into the story against her will, and tries to make sense of it all. She navigates her journey with the assistance of Cazz, an innocent, ugly Christmas sweater who comes alive – a virtuous fashion freak who helps to stitch it all together. "Ugly Christmas Sweater, the Musical" isa fresh, grown-up holiday fairy tale that is both edgy and sweet; wild and warm, and most of all, naughty and nice.

The play requires a cast of six (three women and three men), with primary characters listed first. All actors are also members of a narrative chorus known as“Players”, who will serve as revolving Narrators, and play various smaller roles as indicated in the script.

ACTOR 1 (Female) Holly,Player 6
ACTOR 2 (Male) Cazz (the Sweater), Player 5
ACTOR 3 (Male) SantaClaus, Lulu the Christmas Fairy, Player 1
ACTOR 4 (Female) Mrs.Claus, Player 4
ACTOR 5 (Male) Dumpling (an elf), Comet (a reindeer), Player 3
ACTOR 6 (Female) Daphne (an elf), Crystal (a reindeer),Player 2 

3. CAROLINA RISING – a new country-western musical by Byran Leys and Kevin Kuhn, produced by Tweiss Productions (Sharon Weiss & Eileen Weiss). Monday February 5th at 7pm.

A tale of how frustration mixed with courage can turn average people into heroes. Crystal Ann McKay, a young widow with a child, works as a label sewer. Her prospects are limited; her wild and independent spirit finds no outlet in the town’s unending dreariness. Life abruptly changes one day when labor organizer Virgil Jackson arrives from Detroit. Converted by Virgil’s fiery speeches, Crystal agrees to help him form a union. The show has a bouncy country western score and a good deal of down-home humor. 

- Crystal Ann McKay - A trouble-making mill worker, 33 - Soprano-belter
- Tyler McKay - Crystal’s son, 12 
- Mabel McKay-Crystal’smother / Charlotte Smalls-unionrepresentative, 50’s - Soprano/ mezzo-soprano
- Blondie-millworker / Susanna Daring-pastor ofthe Baptist Church/ Ada Grant -luncheonette owner – 3 parts played by black actress 30’s, 40’s, 50’s.Soprano/mezzo/alto
- VirgilJackson - black union organizer, 40’s - Tenor/baritone 
- Verna - A waitress, Crystal’s friend, 20’s-30’s - Soprano/mezzo
- BoomerBenson - A divorced man, late 30's- Tenor/baritone 
- Gordon Davis-plantsupervisor / Norman Crowder-millforeman / Lamar Berry- local deputysheriff, 30's, 40’s, 50’s - Tenor/baritone 



Seeking non-union male actor (50-60) to play role in short play to be performed at the Secret Theater in L.I.C. in January. All types and ethnicities invited to submit - we're thinking outside the box. Rehearsals tba. Tech 1/10. 6 performances: 7pm on 1/13, 7pm on 1/17, 3pm on 1/21, 7pm on 1/25, 5:30pm on 1/28 and 7pm on 2/1 Rehearsals beginning this week. Please submit resume and headshot to director Jak Prince at jakprince3@gmail.com.