TRUSPEAK … Hear Our Voices! (2024)

What in the world is happening? You tell us!
A call for submissions of short plays!

TRU SEEKS SHORT PLAYS ABOUT CURRENT SOCIAL ISSUES. TRU is planning a fourth edition of our TRUSPEAK evening of short plays rethought for filmed presentation. Created originally as a benefit gala for TRU during shutdown, it has proved so successful – with many of our short films winning mention and awards in film festivals around the world – that we are producing it now as an event on its own, tentatively scheduled for September 2024.

TRU is currently seeking scripts – plays as well as musicals – that deal with current social issues. BLM, gay rights, women's rights, global warming, gender expansion, gun control – whatever is important to you. We are particularly interested in plays that explore issues of Equity/Diversity/Inclusion. So much has happened in the last year and we hope you have written about it. Your show should run no more than 15 minutes and be suitable for virtual presentation, understanding that tech experts and editors can work wonders in this filmed medium. We will offer dramaturgical consultation and help find you a director, producer and technologist with whom to collaborate. All plays will be recorded and edited to use the medium to best advantage. We encourage submissions from writers of color, and are open to submissions by all writers.

We are looking for whatever inspires you to create a monolog or small-cast play or musical that touches on a topic of social concern that is personally and socially meaningful. Please send submissions and any inquiries to TRUPlaySubmissions@gmail.com - open submissions, deadline 12/31/23. Please remove your name and identifying information from your script, but include your name, title of play and contact information in the email, and tell us the current social issue your play touches on.