What People Say About TRU (archive)

It was a great event and very well produced - these things never end on time but this one did!! ~Cody Lassen  

What an extraordinarily wonderful benefit! You are to be congratulated. Hope you made lots of $$$. ~Sandi Durell  

I just wanted to say the event was amazing, thank you so much! ~Beth Conley

Great gala!!!! Congratulations Bob, Gary, Scott & Team on an awesome event!!! ~Molly Morris

Beautiful event today! I loved being there - and connecting with so many wonderful people! Amazing to have Bob Cuccioli there - saw him in Jekyll and Hyde in 1997 - the first Broadway musical with open captioning! [Editor note: Open captioning allows people with hearing loss to view the words being spoken on an LED screen.] ~Arlene Romoff What a beautiful and special afternoon it was! ~Colleen Grate It was just so lovely! I was honored to celebrate your 25 years with you.  I think it turned out splendid, Jana was so gracious and inspiring!  And what's an anniversary without some tears right?  There were some nice nods to Randall I thought too. Sam, the young lady I brought, was also very inspired as a young lady in the entertainment industry.  She very much appreciated the messaging, people, and event.  ~Emileena Pedigo   Look at what you’ve accomplished!! I’m so thrilled to know that I was among your first group of starry-eyed hopefuls in folding chairs in random rooms….. you’ve come so far. I wish you towering joy and success for your next 25 years and then some. ~Milda DeVoe  

PANEL - Women Producers: What They Uniquely Bring to the Table Thank you for hosting such a wonderful panel last night. It was inspiring. ~Isa Goldberg The panel was quite informative. I especially learned a lot from Sue Frost. ~Jessica Feder-Birnbaum   Thanks, Bob, Cheryl, Shellen, and the great panel of women you put together! ~Lorca Peress, MultiStages Artistic Director   Great panel! Thanks. Wish I'd said a few things, as casting is a big issue with me... open casting I mean. ~Jayne Lynch   I personally LOVED doing it . For me it is fun to share any knowledge I might have. We [panelists] should thank you and TRU. ~Pat Addiss

It was such a smart and thoughtful group, and an important and lively conversation. I wish we didn't need to have such conversations anymore, but we do. ~Shellen Lubin, Women in the Arts & Media Coalition


I got so much out of the first.  Veronique Ory chose Ashes & Ink for her monthly reading series, and now I am part of Athena Writers for 2018. I want to say how sorry I am that you were attacked on line by someone with absolutely no sense of how useful the pitching sessions can be and how hard you work on behalf of emerging playwrights. ~Martha Pichey  

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to meet the Speed-Date producers. I learned so much about pitching my project. This is invaluable information that I would never have gotten anywhere else. TRU is truly a writer's best friend! ~Chris Sherman, '17

Thanks for hosting a very successful event and giving me the chance to participate in it. The feedback I got was very helpful. ~George Pfirrmann, '17 Thank you again for putting on the Writer-Producer Speed Date! I learned so much, and I'm so thankful to the producers who came by to listen to our pitches. This was a great evening! ~E. Okobi  

I actually enjoyed myself last night – all that hard work getting it wrong in the run-up to pitching was totally worth it! ~ Martha Pichey (June '17)

I just wanted to let you know I’m getting a number of emails from my coachees saying how wonderful their experience was, not only with the coaching but that they felt like they made some great connection. So congrats on a great speed date! ~Bailie Slevin, coach  

Enjoyed process. Felt uncomfortable at first, but got good reactions, which made it more fun. I appreciated and took Bailie’s advice, which was good. Got a chance to talk with/meet producers – some gave advice, many showed interest. Very positive experience.  ~ Claude Solnik (June '17)  

I hope you are doing well.  Thank you again for inviting Into the Sun to participate in the TRU SpeedDate several years ago.  It launched a development process that led to the 2015 NYMF presentations and beyond.  I am writing to let you know that Into the Sun will be performed again in the NYC area – four staged readings at Montclair State University on April 6, 7, 8, and 9. ~Michael Gubser  

I wanted to reach out and thank you for including me on the Producer Speed Date. Since I was a participant, I've been contacted by two producers who have expressed interest in my pitch. Both have read my script and one is definitely looking for further development! One is Broadway and the other TV/Film so that's exciting that it reached such wide appeal with industry leaders. I've had so many peers ask me about the event so I'll be passing along the next Producer Speed Date information when the next one comes up so they can apply. I really am so thankful for such a grand opportunity to meet and have my work reviewed by top notch professionals. ~Jen Lyon (October '16)  

It was an incredible experience to be a trailing producer. I met so many talented people in the industry and learned so much about the field I want to go into and how to pitch as well. ~Natalie Lifson (October '16)  

Just wanted to say  "thanks"  for the speed date event. The evening was rewarding and a great learning experience. I felt well-prepared and appreciated the materials you sent prior to the evening. Also, Gillien was a great coach and that hour proved to be quite beneficial to my eventual pitch. The producers were receptive, friendly and most were helpful. ~Sam Affoumado (March '16)  

Thanks for a terrific experience last night at the writer-producer speed date. I learned so much from the experience and think I made some good contacts. ~Terry Milner (March '16)  

What a thrilling night yesterday! Thanks so much from such a tremendous opportunity. Everyone was so nice, and it felt very nurturing and supportive. Plus I got great feedback! ~Amy Oestreicher (March '16)  

Last night's Writer/Producer Speed Date, sponsored by Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU), was a terrific experience. Thank you, Bob Ost, Gary Hughes, Michael Ian Cedar and all of the producers who gave their time and expertise. ~Doug DeVita (March '16)

Thanks again for such a great opportunity. ~Nathan Yungerberg (March '16)

Great event last night. It was so very helpful. And regardless of what, if anything comes of it, I am finally able to do an elevator pitch that I'm proud of. And for that, it was worth twice as much. I can only imagine how much planning and coordinating went into pulling the event off. It was clearly the yeoman's task. Please know, as a new member of TRU, I for one appreciate what it is you're doing for the greater theatre community here in the city.   You have my gratitude, and my husband's (Rick, the observer). ~Lenore Skomal

Thank you again for the opportunity to pitch my play on Sunday. The program really did help me to feel more at ease with talking about the play, and I've since started an enthusiastic round of submissions. It was also great to meet the other writers. ~Rachel Mann

Amazing experience. Bailie great at pulling the essence out of the story and guiding us to speak it as humans not read like  robots. The pitching felt  visceral , physical. In real life I'd never start talking without asking some questions about the producer's current interests then tailoring or even saying this ain't for you and not pitching. But suddenly I have to just be there with my attempt to capture something about life that would gather audiences. Yikes. Just go for it. The producers were very gracious listeners - even ones with bios that make my  concept only right for their circular file. And some listen so well with their eyes that they make our flailing attempts seem important .. So I almost wanted to stop talking and find their couch for the art of life. Forget the life in art!

Kidding aside, the producers asked very incisive questions or gave helpful suggestions, even a better title to add to the 4 I've tried.

Thanks to you and Gary for giving us all a chance to meet people whose assistants might not even forward our queries and a challenging workout to help scribblers, mutterers and meanderers become professionals who talk. ~T. Anntares


"Thank you for putting together another amazing event. I think you've done another magical job in organizing the speakers and structure for Sunday's event." ~Yaakov Bressler, '17   "Just wanted to say it was such a delight today to attend the amazing playwriting workshop. It was so informative and fun and really got my wheels turning." ~Catherine Weingarten "Thank you so much for yet another wonderful conference. I took pages of notes and left with scads of ideas as to how to attack the next draft." ~Thalia Cunningham, '17 "Thanks so much for a wonderful day yesterday. I learned so much about presenting my work and got to meet some very interesting playwrights." ~Hannah Epstein. '17 "Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Sunday. I found it to be incredibly valuable and informative. I got everything out of it that I hoped to and more. I absolutely intend to attend more TRU events. I am grateful that your organization exists. Thank you for all that you do. I look forward to getting to know you better in the future." ~Krishna Alexandra, '17

"Thanks for the Practical Playwriting workshop! This was my second year attending, this time with my second play. Maybe because I've learned a lot this year through TRU panels and an online writing course, I got even more value this year. Maybe I just needed the first workshop to get full value the second time around.

This workshop was filled with Diana Amsterdam's deep  guidance for structuring a play good enough for producers to want to invest time and money, Patrick Blake's real-world strategies for connecting with producers who are already inundated with scripts, and Gillien Goll's ability to prepare us emotionally and spiritually as well as pragmatically to speak about our stories not as robots but as human beings producers want to listen to.

Last thing I wanted to do on a sunny Saturday in May... but every minute resonated with value! I thought the play I was pitching had a very limited audience, but the insightful questions from the panel of producers - Pat Addiss, RK Greene, Robin Rothstein and Lorenzo Thione - helped me re-think the essence and ways to revise it more dynamically and for a wider audience." ~T. Anntares, '16

I truly enjoyed the first part and gleaned a good deal of info I did not know - and a lot of practical suggestions that go not only with my play but with the other writing I do. ~Mary Sheeran, '15

"Yesterday reminded me why I should get to more TRU events. The feedback on my pitch was invaluable." ~Joe Beck, '16

"Great workshop, today as always. Wonderful panel and terrific presenters. I learned so much in such a short space of time."~Pat Lin, '16

BOOT CAMP/Investor Lab - Is This Show Worth Investing IN?   I can not tell you how much I truly enjoyed the workshop yesterday. It was so informative and I got to meet some really great people (including yourself!). I look forward to your next event! ~Chris Sherman   Just a note to thank you for pulling together the TRU Boot Camp. I found it very interested and informative. And useful as we work on EXIT STRATEGY. ~ Chris Spencer    

PANEL - Is Off-Broadway Broken? And Can We Fix It?
What a great panel!  Remembering an off-Broadway panel from a few years back, I thought about not going, figuring I'd have heard it all before.  So glad I did!  It was enlightening and thought-provoking, with excellent panelists and good questions.   I think we could have gone on for another hour or two....~Kathryn Paulsen

Great panel tonight! Really helpful!  ~Margot Astrachan  

The panel this past Tuesday was great. Truly appreciate you putting it together. ~Jessica Feder-Birnbaum  

I was very glad I was there—I drove into the city from my summer residency at NACL theater in the Catskills to be there and it was worth the trip! A very spirited conversation. ~Melissa Bell  

Super job! You really have your finger on the pulse of the theatre community...  Last night was fun.  Such a great night... ~Gene Fisch

Maybe the best panel ever! ~Frank Zuback  

This was an amazing panel. I think this is a great subject that could be done a few times. It's so important. And it's where so many of us end up. ~Wendy Leopold   It was a great panel discussion on Tuesday! I learned a lot. ~Amanda Marklin  

PANEL: Theater & Community

"I really enjoyed the panel last night.  I learned so much!  You are doing great work – I know it is hard to plan these events, but you do a great job.  I always leave with so much inspiration to keep going with my theatre company." ~Caroline Hann, Meta Theatre "Thanks for a great evening; I learned a lot and was inspired to pursue my own path!" ~Eve Lederman


I absolutely loved the experience. Learned a lot about how to make that crucial writer-director relationship work. Much as I enjoyed watching the interactions that went well, the ones that didn't go so swimmingly, including my own, were actually the most useful: The better to see the pitfalls that may occur in a real situation. Your “prologue,” along with Ken's, Ric's and your post-interaction analyses, were insightful and compassionate. ~Gary Plotkin

Thanks for doing this lab.  It really opened my eyes to a lot of different styles - playwrights and directing - that I may not have been exposed to.  Its great to watch others go through the breakdown [process] that all shows must do.  The preparation for a theater production was made a gripping theater production.  Kudos on your concept!  Highly recommended.  - Hamza Zaman, director (2017)

Had a great time at the lab, it was wonderful to meet a director who shared and improved upon my vision for the piece. Also, it was wonderful to learn about the positives, possible pitfalls and some expectations for the writer-director relationship, which I'm sure will be helpful as my career develops. The guests were fantastic. ~Xavier Toby, writer (Torture for Beginners, 2017)

I found the Lab very helpful and appreciated the professional feedback and insights provided by industry insiders Ken and Ric. ~Phil Paradis, writer (Soldier's Christmas, 2017)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in yesterday's workshop. It was so informative and fun. ~Hannah Epstein, writer (Walker Road, 2017)

I loved hearing from the producers you had there helping lead the event and getting your and others’ perspective. I enjoyed meeting, talking with Cate and the whole process.... I thought it was instructive to see how people interact- things I do are a little more obvious when I watched others. And I enjoyed talking with Cate about the script.... I really do think it’s great that you have people like Ken [Waissman], the producer, who take part in this. Someone like him makes that room feel so much bigger. To hear his stories, get his perspective, experience. He has produced some amazing shows. It’s so nice that people like that take their time to talk with others – and that you bring them in. ~Claude Solnik, writer (Sandcastles, 2017)

Thanks for another fantastic workshop!  I attended last year and got even more out of the lab the second time. The director I worked with - Lester Shane was the best! Lester had done a very careful reading of my script, (he even did some research on the characters!). In addition to the great notes he gave me  at the lab, he spent over an hour with me after the lab to go through all of his additional notes and thoughts on the story, structure, and characters. Talk about hitting the jack pot with Lester, I was so lucky to have been able to work with him. ~Stephen Anderson, (Wonderful, 2017)

Thank you for including me in yesterday's lab.  I thought the experience wonderful.  I learned so much as well as enjoying meeting Laurie. ~Dena Levin, writer (Keep Walking, 2017)

"This was a tremendously helpful workshop!  I was watching the conversations as a playwright, to learn about communication, but also as a teacher, to help my playwrights be better playwrights.  This work that you are doing is invaluable!  Your experience as a producer and a playwright and the fact that you brought other producers into the room really brought in a broader perspective that kept things very real and made the stakes feel enormously high.  I loved meeting everyone, especially Paul who I really felt got the play – thank you!  You said there was someone else who wanted the play, and you had to make an executive decision, and, it seems to me, you made the right one.  And that is one of the producers biggest tasks, right?  To bring the right people into the room?" ~Emma Goldman Sherman, writer (Whorticulture, 2016)  

What an eye-opener!  We directors do not get enough feedback, mostly for fear we might look weak during the production process.  So the TRU Communications Lab is such a gift!  Although the focus seems to be the playwright, the directors also learn how effective their communication style is or is not.  The Lab starts with a breakdown of different types of communication exchanges and real theatre professionals describe successes and failures as producers, playwrights and directors.  There was a great mix of directors from different backgrounds.  I received supportive, focused feedback with specifics that can help me in the future.  ~Dale Davidson, director (2016)  

Thanks again for the amazing lab last weekend. Being new to the world of theater, I didn't figure out until I got home the  genius of your lab.  We actually got to witness how a writer - a director - and a team of producers all interact and communicate (or fail to communicate) in real time. The stakeholders unique perspectives and biases are all on display - for us to learn from.  Genius!! ~Steve Anderson, writer (Joan and Nancy, 2016)  

A quick note of thanks for yesterday's lab. There really is no substitute for being "in the room" with collaborators and the fact that you are able to create this atmosphere with working professionals who are in the trenches and can speak to what's real says a lot about the good and relevant work you're doing with your organization. Kudos." ~Ben Gonshor, writer (When Blood Ran Red, 2016)  

"Great experience. I learned so many things I didn’t know I didn’t know - on an artistic, professional AND personal level." ~Gwyn McAllister, writer (The Green Rose)  

"I came away with such valuable skills and it was definitely a wonderful learning experience. You always pick the most amazing people for these events! Looking forward to hearing what the next wonderful event you have going on is.  By the way, I recommend TRU to anyone I can get my hands on because I've just learned so much since I started going." ~Amy Oestreicher, writer (Imprints)  

"I found it helpful and illuminating in a number of ways. Coming shortly after my first experience of selecting a director for the production of my BETWEEN MEN at the MITF summer festival, it made me aware of the necessity of a lengthy and focussed discussion before any commitments are made. To be honest I didn't know exactly what to expect. It was, therefore, useful both to talk through the issues raised by my own play with a Director like Cate and to observe other couples going through the process of discovering whether they could work together or not. It was also moving to witness unexpected dramatic moments in the course of the day. And finally the presence of two such knowledgeable and successful Broadway producers as Ken and Margot commenting freely on the proceedings was a huge bonus." ~Dennis Porter, writer (As a Bird Dies)

"The lab is fascinating, and I found not just my time, but watching the other teams very valuable." ~Richard Riskin, director


I got a lot out of it and met some really lovely people. ~Nicole Kempskie

I left the workshop with an incredible amount of information, resources and most importantly, inspiration and a renewed sense of dedication to getting my project to the stage. It far exceeded my expectations! ~Rachel Griffin

I walked in with a production to plan and walked out confident in exactly what I needed to do to make my show a success. What more can you ask for? ~T. Michael Vest

I really enjoy the TRU Boot Camp events. There is always a lot of useful information, good networking, and a generosity on the part of the presenters and fellow participants that makes you feel part of a community, and everyone is willing to help you succeed. ~Jessica McCoy

Thank you again for an incredible event this weekend.  I learned so many things, both deep and practical. The content, structure and community you’ve already created is so incredibly rich, there should be a waiting-list for your events -- and even paid live streaming. ~Deborah Henson-Conant

I found the Boot Camp to be a fantastic experience. I did learn a tremendous amount about what I need to know at the level on which I'm currently operating, and I got a great preview of what might be in store for me in the future if I can move up a level. ~Ed Levy

Just wanted to say thanks for organizing the event this weekend. We were very impressed by the number of theatre pros who turned out to speak and take questions from the likes of us. I found it very informative – helpful to get a grasp of things and a sense of what the financial outlay might be for such ventures. ~D.W. Gregory

A very intensive bootcamp - and what incredible value! This morning, after TRU's weekend of immersion with so many fascinating producers and others who launch Broadway and Off-Bway shows, I woke with a really good idea for moving one of my three plays forward. Somehow, when I was conked out on the couch, my unconscious went to work and integrated the two notebooks full of notes and woke me up early Monday morning with the idea. ~Tita Anntares Thanks again for your outstanding Boot Camp experience. I really enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot. I'm looking forward to participating in more TRU programming soon! ~Ed Zareh


The TRU audition event was by far the most organized and warm combined audition I have ever been to. As someone coming back into the industry after a long time away, it was refreshing to have this be one of my first experiences. ~Dana Hart Lubeck

Just wanted to thank you and everyone on your staff for the TRU audition event yesterday. What could have been chaos was beautifully in sync. What could have been scary was harmonious and positive. You are the best! ~Kathie Kneese

It was the most professionally run and enjoyable audition experience in which I have had the pleasure of being a participant.  Your volunteers were kind and "on the spot" without ever being intrusive.  My accompanist was wonderful and a friendly face to quell one's nerves. Perfection from start to finish.  I will recommend the TRU Audition Event to all my thespian friends. ~ Pamela J. Nigro

I wanted to say thanks to you and the entire staff. Everything was so organized and on point. You didn't forget a thing!! I would just like to make a special shout out to my stage manager Rachel. When I was on deck, I suddenly felt panicked backstage. I'm normally fine with auditions but combined auditions feel different. Well Rachel helped me pull it together. She breathed with me and kept telling me "it's only one audition. They want you to succeed." By the time I went out there, I was back to my normal self. Rachel, you were my superhero on Sunday! I will never forget your kindness and support. I hope we can work together someday because you are someone I know I can count on!! Thank you everyone, once again!! ~ Dina Laura

I just want to say thank you to everyone involved! The whole weekend - both auditioning and volunteering - was a great experience and I met so many wonderful people! I will definitely be back next year! ~ Alice Gabrielle

It was great volunteering and performing at the TRU Audition on Sunday! Thanks again for making it efficient and fun all around. You guys are  a real asset to the field and I know your work's appreciated on all sides of the table. ~Emily Cordes My daughter, Jenika and I had a wonderful experience at the TRU event. I have had the pleasure of meeting some really wonderful people like Valerie Adami and Bob Kale.  The actor who was also facilitating the process, giving us frequent call times and explaining where to go, what to do, was superb!  I felt respected and very welcomed!  The pianist, Tracy, was also very warm and helpful. And lastly but not the least, YOU have been MOST HELPFUL to me from the moment I signed up to the day of the audition.  Thank you so much for your dedication to the organization and it truly benefits people like me who are passionate about what we do but need the hand holding.  We are currently members of TRU and will continue to read up on the opportunities that you offer. ~Pam Serrano

I want to thank you for so much hard work and organizing, it was a pleasure doing the TRU audition today. Thank you again, you run a fantastic organization. I coached with Anessa Marie and Laurie Eliscu - they are both absolutely top-notch, and I will continue to work with both of them throughout the year. ~Sonya Rice

Thanks a ton for the great experience at the TRU auditions! You were especially responsive and accommodating throughout the process, so many thanks. I auditioned on Sunday at noon and have already received an email from Janet Bentley to audition for a leading role in her new original work, Horse, the role of Sam. I also just got a voice message from James Jennings, the Artistic Director at the American Theatre for Actors about auditioning for Richard III (he wasn't there but someone from his company was and told him to call me). Looking good after the first day, thanks again. ~ Justin Clark

I wanted a chance to thank you -- once again -- for the hard work that was put into the TRU event. From my point of view it went quite well and everyone involved has reason to be very proud. ~Bob Kale, MKA Casting

What a wonderfully organized audition event you did again! Thanks so much to you and your excellent crew!~Alexa & Brian, Pulse Ensemble Theatre

Thank you for having us at the TRU Audition Weekend. Janet was thrilled to be there. ~NYLon Fusion Theatre Company


I am so grateful to TRU. The knowledge I've been given and the people I've met have been invaluable! TRU is a wonderful organization and I am so happy to be a part of it! ~Danielle Trzcinski

I can't tell you how smart you are to have conceived PDMP. It's the best learning experience in theater. [Program directors] Martin Platt, Dave Elliott and Jana Robbins are incredibly helpful. Thank you. ~Toni Hart

PANEL: The Impact of the Election on the Arts

Thanks for another really interesting panel last night! I think there were more questions than answers, because who knows how to deal with this? I come from the place of Resistance, because I don't have much hope in directly changing anyone's mind at this point. But it seems that large cultural shifts tend to happen by aggregate, so hopefully whatever anyone does to add their drop to the bucket will help. I have an idea for what I'm going to do, as an artist... ~Blue Bliss

Great talk last night. Thank you for organizing that. ~Kacie Devaney


I learned something from every single presenter, and have 12 pages of outlined notes to prove it.  Although I've been in theatre too long to count - as playwright, as a Regional Rep for the Dramatists Guild, as Producing Director for the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, as educator to my amazing playwriting grad students, as Festival Director for the Warner International Playwrights Festival, as general supporter and cheerleader for fellow dramatists and theatre artists - this was my first connection with TRU.  When I got home tonight, I spent time on your web-site and I'm applauding in my living room ... and although my dog is used to this, she still looks at me funny when I burst into applause.  I've joined, happily so, and very much look forward to being a member of TRU. ~Charlene Donaghy  

The TRU $ Bootcamp was an amazing non-stop exposure to fascinating, accomplished theater creators! Kudos for finding, recruiting, scheduling, organizing so many amazing panelists and speakers and designing an 8 hour continuous show with one intermission!! ~Tita Anntares

PANEL: A Year in the Life of a Producer

Thank you so much!! I had a wonderful time at A Year in the life of a Producer!! I learned so much and I really enjoyed meeting everyone! ~Meredith Hornick

TRU LOVE BENEFIT: Embracing the Unlimited

The TRU organization did an incredible job making the event such a special celebration and I was honored to be awarded - I am truly in awe of all that Jeff Whiting, Bailie Slevin, Bob Ost and everyone on their team do to make this organization a pillar within the producing community. Go check them out and be a part of what they do! ~honoree Jennifer Ashley Tepper, recipient of the TRU Entrepreneur Award

I just wanted to say thanks so much again for a wonderful evening and congratulations on an incredibly successful night! The TRU community and program are incredibly special and I'm so happy to be a part of it! ~Danielle Trzcinski

Congrats on a spectacular and well choreographed event. ~Courtney Sweeting THANK YOU for creating the space & the events & the work around the America that I understand and support. It's complete whiplash between Sunday night [gala] and this morning [after election], but that evening of diversity is going to be the mental totem that I will carry with me into the future. So many stories to witness & to still keep telling!! ~Tammy Rose  

INVESTOR LAB (Recognizing Commercial Potential)

"Thanks so much for opportunity to attend the TRU Investors Lab! I learned so much (and took many notes)! Your panel was generous with their information and insights. As you know, I’m mainly a writer (musicals and plays) , but art, especially a collaborative art like theater, does not exist in a vacuum. It’s important understand the perspective of successful producers, investors, and our attorney and panel chair Eric Goldman. So, many thanks to TRU and you!" ~Sue HorowitzPANEL: Marketing Mavericks "Marketing Mavericks was a five star workshop. It was so helpful and informative. I "TRUly" appreciate you putting it together." ~Jessica Feder-Birnbaum


I just wanted to say again how wonderful TRU is. I just took the 2nd boot camp after joining 3 months ago. I was out of the business for nearly 10 years and felt so lost coming back to my roots of theatre. I missed the theatre arts and artists and tried different groups but nothing resonated for me. Groups were either unfriendly or not as educational as i would have liked. TRU is "tru"ly spectacular! Not only am I amazed how much I've learned but how organized you are and most importantly how genuinely NICE you, the board, the guests and the other "students" are. So professional and open to everyone. It makes me feel like I belong in theater again and you should be so proud of what you have shared and accomplished for so many in such a diplomatic, kind and encouraging and inspirational way. I wish I would have found you and TRU twenty years ago. You've made me believe in myself again in others again and in theater again! Thank you so much! You are awesome. ~Antonia Kasper

AUDITION EVENT: MEET THE COACHES I want to thank you and your lovely team again for having me be a part of this "Meet the Coaches Season".  I am always thrilled to see what a positive successful experience it turns out to be when I do something with TRU.  I really appreciate your values and substance in the way that things take place. It was such a pleasure and a great day with the students and hearing and speaking with the other coaches! I am connecting with some of the delightful students and coaches.  ~Shira Flam


I wanted to thank you for the professional way in which the sessions were held this past weekend. Everyone did an outstanding job and all of your -- and their --efforts were genuinely appreciated. ~Bob Kale, casting director, '16

Thank you so much for the best TRU event yet! I always meet some wonderful colleagues and talent! Great networking and thank you for all the special touches this year including the wrap party!! Appreciate it all! Your welcoming staff are especially assets! ~Helene Galek, casting director, '16

I am always so happy when we get to put actors to work and think it is great that 3 of them are from the recent TRU audition: Loren Bidner, Leighton Samuels and Reginald James Albert. And pleased that they will get a stipend - that always feels good!  I hope getting called so quickly after the audition will validate their efforts at the TRU audition! ~Cheri Wicks, American Bard Theater Company, '16

I just wanted to let you know that we reached out to 13 actors whom we heard audition at the TRU auditions last month--asking them to tryout for BLUFF next month. And, one actor whom I was told about from a woman sat behind us at the last seminar and reached out to us after the 'introduce yourself' part of your program. So all in all, TRU has given us plenty of leads on possible actors for the show.  ~Lenore Skomal, '16

Our participation on the TRU Auditions has been well worth it.

1.  We have sent out a number of paid castings to the actors.  In fact, they will be receiving two today -- including a Morgan Stanley one and one tomorrow for Zagat.  The Shakespeare casting is next to work on.

2.  Some of the actors have benefited to be part of our free Friday Lunch Bunches and have met a good agent, manager or casting director, including some that also attended the TRU Auditions.  Representation and/or jobs have resulted from their attendance.  A good meal was served, courtesy of me.

BTW, those industry at the Lunch Bunch that also attended the TRU Auditions highly recommended to the actors attending who haven't gone yet, to definitely do so.  I seconded the motion. ~Scott Powers Casting

I had call-backs for three actors which I believe were all through TRU: Jaime Olaya, Randy Cordero and Chris Ogden. Chris got the fabulous role of a young street hustler and the play has been accepted into the Fringe Festival this August.  ~Shela Xoregos, Xoregos Performing Artists


I had the pleasure of attending a TRU Q&A and also auditioning at the TRU audition event this last Spring in NYC. I am so thankful for the whole experience as it was so positive and truly changed my life. ~Colleen Campbell, 2016

I'm sending you an endless amount of "thank you's" for including me for the TRU Audition Event. This experience has been very rewarding. I've learned more about the industry, and was given the privilege of getting to know you all throughout the process. Thank you for the opportunity to help make the event happen! Thank you to the entire TRU Staff for an amazing event. ~Emilie Byron, 2016

I just am taking the time to say Thank You, to you and the TRU team. I felt really good being there today, for the audition, the great people I met, and the great atmosphere that you and the team set up. Again, thank you. ~ Florence Regina, 2016

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful event this past Saturday's auditions were. You and your staff are so professional and kind and organized! ~Cara Feuer, 2016

Grace Vanderwaal auditioned and had received some interest but she was unable to follow through due to her school commitments at that time. Now she is in the semi finals for America's Got Talent with over a million hits on youtube. Her experience of auditioning for TRU producers helped her get ready for her numerous other auditions ... and national TV! ~Scarlett Antonia, 2016

We would like to extend a huge Thank You to all the event staff today. Everyone was super warm, friendly and welcoming. Every step was explained in great detail and was perfectly coordinated and executed. My daughter, Elizabeth Neftin, and the other participants in her group (all children), were unbelievably well prepped and supported every step of the way. Thank you so much for making this audition event fun and stress-free for all the participants!!!  It was Elizabeth's first professional audition (she is only 9 years old 🙂 and she had such a fun time, she can't wait to come back next year :)! We would like to also thank all the auditors who participated today!!! They were super receptive and patient with our Elizabeth and everyone who auditioned.  ~Ann Neftin, 2016

Received another audition notice from the TRU auditions-from The Players Theatre Short Play and Music Festival.  Nice to still have the momentum from the auditions.  It really is a great opportunity and I'm so glad to have participated. ~Betsy Feldman, 2016

I wish all similar events were as well organized and executed as this was.  I was able to focus on doing my best ITR and not distracted by logistics. Great job. ~Joe Harkins, 2016

I would like to say that this was my first TRU theatre audition event and I was very happy with the whole process. From start to finish it was very well organized and informative. As soon as you get accepted you are given very specific guidelines to help give the best performance you can give. With all the information all your questions have already been answered. It was certainly a great opportunity to show and perform you're talent. The staff was very friendly and focused, gave clear instructions on where to go and when to do it. I never felt rushed to do something or overwhelmed. A lot of the staff engaged the participants in conversations while handling each and every headshot with care. I was very, very, very happy with all the direction and organization and friendliness that was within the room. Certainly a very peaceful and happy place to be, I certainly would attend again. Thank you very much for you're time and hard work! ~Reginald James Albert III, 2016

I hadn't visited TRU's website in a while and just looked at it today in the process of recommending TRU to a playwright I know.  Love the update.  It looks great! ~Elaine Smith