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This is a lovely essay. I hope you don’t mind that I forwarded it on to some of my friends. Beautifully written. And I totally agree. ~David Kurkowski

Thank you for this insightful editorial. It is great. But this should be out there for everyone to read, especially those concerned, but I doubt if they will be dented. Anyway, we need to make our voices heard loud and clear. ~Nora Armani

Very well spoken. If it was a diatribe it's only because they wish our tribe would die. Keep it comin'. ~David Stamps

Your editorial is so thoughtful and you expressed it so eloquently. Thank you.~Stephanie Schwartz

Better the most raging "case of Schadenfreude" than COVID19. Just stay safe, be well, and mask up! Also Pepperidge Farm Milanos are great ways to eat away your Schadenfreude. ~Stephanie Grayson

Thanks for the heartfelt note. Alas, I suspect Trump is beyond hope. ~John Chatterton

And, (sigh), [he] takes a photo opp ride around the block (with "royal" wave) ... then escapes the hospital for another photo opp on the WH balcony to strip off his mask! (Did you happen to notice his rather snuffling shallow breathing?) ~David Lamberton

Chris Rock on SNL said something like: "A lot of people who don't like Trump are sending him get well wishes. Maybe they feel guilty that their first wish came true." ~Tita Anntares

Are we really sure that this COVID production number isn't just that? Looks like a fabrication to me: the wheezing (really easy); the partially closed eyes (check out those tiny muscles in the inner corners); the slightly overly heavy make-up job. He zoomed up those stairs; his magnificent grand, chest out, head up, exaggerated pose at the balcony; how he has the entire country talking of nothing else! Dissecting, analysing.... Oh puh-lease!!! ~Elowyn Castle

Couldn't agree with you more*... even though it contradicts all my Buddhist training. How beautifully you write! (*One exception: He won't learn anything positive from it.) ~Elena Kondracki

I agree with what you wrote at the top regarding the virus Karma. One can never escape Karma. Unfortunately, the public pays a price for our president's [behavior]. ~Loreen Sprechler

Love your essay. You summarized my feelings better than I could. ~David Kurkowski

Thank you so very much for [your editorial]. I needed to read that. ... What you've done with TRU has been wonderful. I can rarely take part because of my schedule, but I tell all my students about it and I'm proud to do so. What I tell everyone is that it's run by the nicest people I've ever met. You get fantastic information at an inexpensive price and they have the best workshops ever. I tell them about the speed-dating workshop with the writers and producers and all the auditions that happened there for agents and playwrights etc. What you created has worked. It has been a source of creativity for countless actors that needed exactly what you had to offer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This Administration is shameful and disgraceful. I have been protesting as much as I can. At every protest I've been to it's been "no mask, no marching." They have passed out water, hand sanitizer and masks. They made it very clear to be peaceful and not to engage with the police. There are many things in this country that need to be changed. Many things I've learned that I did not learn in school, unfortunately. I hope the creative arts can come back with a bang and allow people to live vicariously through the people on stage and to have an experience of life that they couldn't otherwise have. ~Pamela Scott 

I loved the visual your words conveyed. ~Merrie L. Davis

Thank you for the intimate writing and acknowledgement. I have not attended a Zoom meeting, but may attend this Friday. ~Joshua Josey

Thanks for the inspiration! Ever the nitpicker, I cannot but comment that usually when people mistake "principal" for "principle" it's obvious. In this case, it could be said that we've tarnished both. Leaving me in a tingle of ambiguity that will have me pondering the intended meaning for days. ~John Chatterton


TRU Love Benefit 2019: Follow Your Art, Fulfill Your Dreams

Many thanks to all involved from a very grateful honoree.  I think it was beautifully done, and believe me, I know what it takes to pull off an event like that!  Congratulations all around, not to mention kudos.  ~Jim Morgan

It was an INCREDIBLE event. I was honored to be there and would love to be involved with TRU! ~ Domnique Sharpton

The luncheon yesterday was an amazing event and showed the vast amount of work and attention to detail you and your colleagues put into this. Thank you so much for educating - at the podium - about captioning of live theater.  I had some wonderful conversations with those around me about this endeavor. Sadly, most had never thought about the unique needs of those with hearing loss - so the crusade continues.... I value you and all the work you do enormously. ~Arlene Romoff, 2010 TRU Humanitarian Award recipient

You did a splendid job putting this event together today. I can tell it was no easy task. Everything about it was terrific and there certainly was never a dull moment. It went so smoothly. So congratulations for producing a successful event. In the words of Pierre Cossette “you did it again”!!!! I hope you raised a ton of money as the room was completely sold out! ~Mary Cossette, producer

This was one of the best yet. Enjoyed the evening, the talent and know all the time and energy you gave to make it happen.  ~Sandi Durell

You and Gary have done such a wonderful job in growing the theatre community, and it is especially needed for newcomers.  Your support to them is enormous.  Today's event was very successful and I had a great time seeing so much great talent! ~Yuet-Fung Ho 

Warm, loving and top quality gala - and such a very moving sense of personal connections of people with each other and with TRU. ~Tita Anntares

What a great benefit!!! ~Laurie Eliscu

Let me add my thanks to you for a memorable event. I had an outstanding experience. Everyone was elegant and my table was captivating.... Thank you for your gift of a wonderful organization and delightful event. ~Karen Selby

Congrats on an absolutely amazing event! ~Lori Manette

Tony Party Fundraiser

Thank you very much for such a fun night!  I had a great time! ~Yuet Ho

Thank you so very much for a wonderful time. I loved everything. You are a terrific host. ~Polly VanRaalte

Excellent time last night. Very enjoyable group of people. Everything was good. Service, food, interactions. Desserts were scrumptious. ~Fran Sisco

Thank you for a delightful party - great spirit and food and fun and a fantasy of delicious desserts!!! ~Tita Anntares

Great party! Thank Gary and Cheryl for cake and Jay for free-flowing wine! ~Sue Horowitz

We had a very nice time.  The ladies at our table were very accommodating to our invasion and we had a great conversation learning about each other and commenting on the awards.  Glad we could be part of this.  And specially the deserts were wonderful! ~Kevin Barnes


Politics and the Arts: Being the Change

Thank you and thanks to the people who attended and spoke tonight. The arts are , of course, vital to the economy of N.Y.  Moreover, as you brought up,  the arts are essential to the development of aware, empathetic, open- minded human beings. And they make us happy. They give voice to the voiceless ( or should). I was very impressed with this virtual get-together and all the speakers. It's important and hopeful to hear people who are working for change. Thank you for putting together this session. It was good to get a sense that arts and politics are actually inter-related. Now I want to join TRU. I'll take care of nuts & bolts of joining tomorrow. Thanks again! ~Jerilyn Sackler

Live Web Medium with Neal Davidson

Neal was terrific, on the cutting edge of a new art form. Very interesting for me because I think my Gellhorn piece might be well-suited for that, but how many actors and directors are hip to this new technology? Thanks for yet another great, informative session. Keep it up, and I will probably have to thank you in my Tony acceptance speech. ~Grant Robbin

Thank you for today's meeting and an interesting, thought-provoking presentation. It was my first TRU meeting, and I really appreciate what you do! Elizabeth Appell told me about you and suggested I join. Looking forward to many more TRU events. ~Nina Solomita

Excellent presentation as always. It was so beautifully inspiring! I will keep in touch! Thank you so much for keeping the Arts alive and for inspiring all of us to adopt new forms and new ways! I am ready! ~Inma Heredia

A great meeting it was! ~Janet Conrad 

Regional Perspective

Thank you, as always. Wonderful meeting! ~Janet Conrad

I think you are providing, on many levels, an incredible service to those of us who live for the arts. I plan to join soon as a member. ~Grant Robbin

It was so nice to see you yesterday. I loved the meeting. ~Judi Beecher

A Conversation with Mara Isaacs

I was extremely impressed with Mara. What an interesting dynamo!... What you've done for writers in this time of covid is truly amazing.~Elizabeth Appell

Wonderful meeting. Mara seems to be my kind of producer. ~Judy Binus

Read All About It

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate on the panel tonight. As I mentioned at the end of the meeting, I believe what you have been doing to provide a forum for theater artists is terrific. ~Marcina Zaccaria

Virtual Cabaret

I felt last week ROCKED! ~Milla Ilieva

The Not-for-Profit Pivot

Great people great event! ~Claude Solnik

I enjoyed Friday's meeting. Thanks for that. ~T. Cat Ford

The Impact of the Pandemic on Writers with Cheryl Davis of Author's Guid, Emmanuel Wilson of Dramatists Guild

Great session today! Cheryl and Emmanuel are both gems. ~Emma Palzere-Rae

The COVID Effect with Mary Miko of Goodspeed and Raymond Bobgan of Cleveland Public Theatre

Hey great meeting last night. I loved the break out rooms. I will correspond with Cle Cle and the actress from Atlanta and got huge tips from Elway how to make a jpeg for [my show]. ~Elizabeth Laytin

I have to thank you for doing the Breakout Rooms. I wasn’t so keen on the idea when you suggested it but it was like a chance to actually be with other people. It was great. I am alone twenty four seven every week and have been since this COVID thing hit. Suddenly I wasn’t. Thanks. ~Earl Lewin

Good Zooming today! ~Jane Dubin

I like the breakout rooms. Nice to meet the people I see in the Zoom grid every week. ~Joe Nelms 

I hope this email finds you doing well. I'm glad to hear you had the opportunity to step away and enjoy much needed time off. I have been coping with the pandemic, the mass exodus of people fleeing NYC and systemic racism as best as I can using my faith to lean on. I am a firm believer that my faith has to be bigger than my fear and my God is bigger than any problem. I have done a fairly decent job following this while lifting up family and friends whenever possible. Despite all of this, I have also had my periods where all became overwhelming and I fell temporarily down. I never really share these moments because I am used to playing the caregiver and strong role for so many. In any event, the most recent issue of rising crime seems to have been the tipping points for me along with the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman. Nonetheless I am bouncing back and trying to discipline myself. I am determined to persevere and come out of this stronger. And yes I have been reborn in the sense that I have rediscovered the talents I have been blessed with and determined to share them.~ Melvina Douse

I am a writer by nature and most recently compelled to tell stories that directly relate to some of the issues currently taking place in society whether that is human trafficking, crime, misguided bail reform, genocide and any other social injustices. I like to refer to myself as a social entrepreneur who aspires to one day self produce theater again , publish my first book and one day open up a production company. Why not dream big! During this pandemic I managed to complete two short monologues, both of which I would like to submit as part of the search for 8minutes and 46 seconds posting under the Writers Block. I also cowrote an ambitious piece that took me out of my comfort zone into the world of horror. Plus, half way through my first book and thinking about starting my own blog as a place to both tell stories and publish my very own editorials.

Finance and Art with Bailie Slevin

Most NFP Theaters face a complicated challenge: the first is to pay bills, manage debt, keep staff on during an extended shutdown in order to stave off closure. There are many appeals for that alone. Interesting to note that theaters with a successful school education program that have been able to deliver programs virtually are doing better in sustaining their theaters. I've heard that many regional theaters have cut their operating budgets, some as much as nearly one-half.   

The second is to recapitalize theaters' next season, without a clear picture of what it will contain and when it will start. These would be restricted funds for that season and not used for general operating expenses to get them through. I've heard estimates from regional theaters between $500M and $1MM just to mount the first production. With GDP plummeting and millions on unemployment, this is a tough task especially when competing with so many appeals for COVID-19 relief and racial justice.  ~R.K. Greene 

LIFE ON HOLD, The Conversation Continues ... with Margot Astrachan, RK Greene, Martin Platt

Thank you for inviting me to do the panel. I really enjoyed it- the questions you and the group asked were great and Martin and R.K. were terrific. Martin is so smart! And as you saw I learned something myself. And people in the group had important insights as well. Terrific! ~Margot Astrachan

Once again, it was another amazing learning experience with today’s 7/3 TRU Community Gathering. I’m SO glad you had today’s July 3rd panel and discussion! ~Joanne Phillips

That was a very informative Zoom meeting yesterday! ~Phillip Reissman

Kind of mind blowing to hear producers talking about breakthroughs in producing. Without oversight. In person. Live. Very dramatic. And isn’t it interesting how drama helps you to remember the specifics of a complicated topic? ... I just joined Tru. I decided that the money I saved mowing my own lawn this summer entitles me to a membership.... Loving the experience of the community. It is totally new for me as I’ve been in playwriting and writing classes for years but this Is ... The Bomb! ~Elizabeth Laytin 

Thanks for doing these, Bob. I didn’t realize how much zooming with colleagues would help my spirits, being quarantined so far from NY out here on the coast (actually on an island off Seattle right now). ... It was also a little daunting how much some people seem to be accomplishing with putting shows online and all.... The can-do bunch on the zoom call who rattled off all their latest online efforts made me think I shouldn’t be quite so pessimistic. ~Alan Becker

Overcoming the Challenges of Presenting Music Virtually with Joe Barros, Jen Sandler, Tom Polum 

It was a great panel! ~Lorca Peress

Would love to get the chat from yesterday’s ZOOM call. So much good info was shared about virtual presentations.... ~Stephanie Pope Lofgren

Great program as always. ~Ellen Rittberg

Thanks for all these wonderful meetings! I just signed up for TRU membership. Thanks for allowing us to attend for free for so long! ~Maureen Condon

Well, so today’s zoom call kind of answered my question.  With all the lush intricate three and five-person harmonies in my score — and since so many people say the music is the strongest part — I could probably not create any decent online video.... I may concentrate on other ways to create an online presence for the show. I do appreciate your support and encouragement! And the gatherings! ~Al Becker

Virtual Casting with Jamibeth Margolis, Katy Grefell of Eco Cats, Eve Pomerance 

Thank you so much for today - that was great fun! ~Katy Grenfell, Eco Cast

It was SO fun!!!  ~Valerie David

Virtual Advantages of a Top Technical Team with Carlos Amresto, Attilio Rigotti, Jim Kierstead 

This afternoon’s community meeting was terrific as expected.  Thanks for all your efforts in trying to keep us all sane during life in the age of Corona. ~Joan Liman

I already texted Jim to tell him what a fine job he did today. And so did Carlos, Attilio and you. Having jumped heavily into the livestream world and learning the tools on my own, I didn’t necessarily learn anything new but I’m sure most attendees did. Coming from a position with some knowledge, I can attest to the the panelists really knowing their stuff and presenting it in a clear and engaging manner.agement! ~Jeremy Handelman

Thanks for all your passion and organizing to support all of us during this pandemic. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! ~Fred Middendorf

Are Producers Artists? with Maria Aponte, Patricia Klausner, Tonya Pinkins, Tom Polum

I thought yesterday's panel was fabulous - clear, informative and admirable. I particularly enjoyed what Maria Aponte had to say, but all of them were interesting and added to the conversation. ~Fran Handman

The meeting on Friday was excellent. A lot of wisdom and warmth! ~Marty Taber

Thanks to you and Emileena for a really nice program yesterday.  It got me thinking about budgets. As a writer, I have no idea what a budget is like for a show. But the panel’s comments suggest that we playwrights should know something. That way, we can rein in our wildest impulses and think in realistic terms about how we can tell our story.... Finally, I’m grateful for all you do for us writers, and I’ve sent my contribution to TRU this morning. ~David Kurkowski

I made a donation. Great meetings and very informative. I invited 4 people who attended yesterday's meeting. They loved it!. ~Van Dirk Fisher, Riant Theatre

Thanks for a great webinar. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! ~David Coffman

Thanks so much for the meetings and also for the work of sending us the chat!!! You are keeping our spirits up!!! ~Maureen Condon

Alternative Theater with Shelley Butler of West of Artistic Stamp, Molly Rice and Rusty Thelin of RealTime Interventions

It was a real pleasure attending the zoom panel and talking a bit about our new endeavor. I'm incredibly appreciative that you amplified our process and hope that some of your attendees will keep in touch with us in the future as we look for writers for our upcoming seasons. ~West Hyler

Thank you for all your wonderful hard work. I very much appreciate the opportunity to hear what people are creating. ~Carol Weiss

So great that TRU is keeping theater people connected. ~Marcina Zaccaria

I like the breakout rooms. Nice to meet the people I see in the Zoom grid every week. ~Joe Nelms


These panels have been very informative so thank you so MUCH. I'm spreading the word about them. ~Van Dirk Fisher

I want to commend you for providing this wonderful lifeline during our challenging times. ~Eric Marciano

These are really great Bob.  Very informative and good to connect with others. ~Jim Semmelman

Thanks for always taking leadership in organizing meaningful discussions. ~Yuet-fung Ho

Pardon me for getting squishy but first I must say how lucky I am to have TRU in my life. TRU has been such a huge help in these troubling times. The service you've provided through your weekly Friday Zooms has been incalculable. ~Larry Daggett

I am enjoying the weekly gatherings and meeting all the attendees so much that I enrolled as a TRU member right after last Friday's gathering! Thank you so much for these weekly sessions. ~Ed Osredkar

Thanks again for your encouragement and support. My new TRU friends have turned into a real lifeline during this pandemic isolation. ~Alan Becker



Just wanted to extend my thanks to you and your team for the awesome teaching I received through your Writer-Director Communications Lab yesterday! I left the Lab extremely encouraged, with a clearer understanding of how to navigate relationships with Directors as a writer (and vice versa!), as well as a greater confidence in my ability to discern what to look for in early partnership meetings. I now recognize the importance of understanding my own behavior style, and being able to clearly communicate this with prospective partners on artistic projects for the sake of healthy collaboration. I'm especially excited about the connection I made with Noel MacDuffie, and am planning to continue talking with him from here. ~Jonathan Hogue, writer

I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to participate as an observer yesterday. I wasn't quite sure what would unfold, but I certainly left feeling I had made the right choice to get up at 3am! The session was so well run by you and the expert presenters, and the conversations between all the directors and playwrights were respectful and thought provoking. It was a genuine privilege to witness their conversations. I left at the end with many new ideas, but the central one is that the playwright and director are in a partnership. I have always been inclined just to hand the script to a director and hope for the best (and fortunately in most cases my directors have done credit to my plays) but I would have felt I was interfering or meddling by being a key part of the process.  The insight I gained through your work shop about building a creative partnership and the importance of being on the same page was liberating. It was also incredibly helpful to see how people's communication styles can be very different and to have a framework to perceive which style another person has. I've just signed up for your free newsletter, and am thinking about the membership too. I am hoping to apply for the speed dating, if times of the day permit. A personal thank you also for making all of us observers feel welcome and valued yesterday. It was a lovely experience to feel like I was welcomed so warmly into a group of theatre professionals so far away. ~Emma Wood, writer (Australia)

Thank you for the excellent workshop yesterday. It is always an illuminating process and you handled it all with grace and wisdom, which is always appreciated! Thank you for assembling your panel, it was a great group and I thought they all brought interesting perspectives to the conversations. I thought Zoom worked well for this – allowing a closeness to the conversations that was not possible even in a comfortably small room. I am not suggesting it was better than in person, where social cues are more fulfilling, but it was a good consolation prize from the perspective of the viewers. That said, I found the viewing to be extremely fatiguing, and I often opted to simply listen. Too much Zoom makes me nauseous. ~Noel MacDuffie, director

Great event yesterday and thanks for all you do and continue to do during these crazy times! We all need some hope and community right now - thank you! ~Marianna Staroselsky, writer

Excellent in every way. ~Elizabeth Appell, writer

You did an extraordinary job Saturday and I’m so glad I was there. I said I wanted to attend so I could see first hand, the dynamics of the Writer/Director relationship and benefit from what would be presented. Well I did and I’m ready to run with the knowledge. ~Merrie L. Davis, producer

Saturday was wonderful. Chris and I plan on continuing to work together. ~Mike Canstraro, director

Practical Playwriting

I want to thank you again for yesterday’s program! I learned a lot from you, Patrick and Cate!! The budget analysis of characters and sets, the info on regional theaters, and how to approach producers, etc., was all very valuable info that I’ll incorporate into my scripts and pitches going forward. I took six pages of notes!! ~Maureen Condon

Virtual Speed Date
(Full disclosure: it was a bumpy first ride! We did a second session)

Thank you for all of your hard work today. I have been in your shoes, watching as technology decides to remind the humans who is master, and just know that all of us are eternally grateful for everything you did. Group B was in the cocktail hour having the best time and in great spirits. I had a ton of fun connecting with people!  The pitch coaching was BRILLIANT! (Emileena is a national treasure.) ~Kate Danley

It is obvious you and Mike and Tamra worked hard to get it running. It was actually a good experience; if we were mildly frustrated, you must have been really frustrated. To get it running smoothly will be a boon. When it worked it was really superb. ~Carole di TostiI enjoyed the entire event. Yes, chaos was the star of the show, but you all worked so hard and the writers and producers were all such friendly, helpful people. I did learn a lot about my show. Sami was a great coach. What's not to like? ~Elizabeth Appell

I found this virtual pitching much more exciting and engaging than being in a rental studio room where it is either too hot or too cold and the ability to look people in the face is less than elevator pitch personal. The tech will resolve. ~Ina Chadwick

Some of the pitches and the coaches were amazing.... I learned alot and appreciated the entire day. ~Loreen Sprechler

I applaud you for exploring the virtual speed date. Wow what an undertaking!! ... Even under difficult conditions yesterday — all things considered, I think the exploration was important and a limited success. ~Cheryl Wiesenfeld

Thank you for and your crew for your diligence and persistence yesterday. Everyone was in good humor, and I think we all appreciated the tireless efforts. Value received! ~Tony Scialli

Katherine and I thank you for allowing us to be apart of this marvelous event. I know it was very challenging but it was great to meet so many producers with positive and valuable feedback for me and my show. ~Gregor Gibson

Speed Date was a success!  Many technical difficulties for sure, but you brought the TRU community together and strengthened our ties through all the technical glitches. Good job. ~Roy O'Neil

Sami [my coach] was super helpful and I had such a good time at the event. Thank you for doing this. ~Joe Nelms

I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity this past Sunday to pitch my script. I know for you, it might have been chaotic, but for me, it was an incredibly positive experience and I am very grateful to you. Thanks again for such a wonderful opportunity in such strange times. ~Amy Marcs

The pitches were very good and the coaching they received for the pitch was very well thought out and the information they brought regarding their work was very good. Kudos to them and to their coaches! ~John Lant


I really am impressed with the info and support from TRU. I've done several of these with [another] group. I quit last year. With you guys it's like you're setting us up for success, what a concept. ~Kurt Johns 

That went so smoothly!! Congrats! I'm sure it was still a lot of work and stress on your end but we didn't see any of that.  ~Cody Lassen, producer

I just wanted to relay a huge thanks to you and everyone at TRU for this experience, it was awesome! We really felt supported the whole way through, and we feel so much better prepared to market our show after getting the chance to practice pitching. If there's anywhere we can write a review or something for this experience, please let us know. And thank you and the rest of the team for all the tech effort behind this--we really appreciate you giving Group B another opportunity! ~Daniel Rosen & Alara Magritte

Just wanted to say “thanks” for your Herculean efforts in making the event so worthwhile. Despite the tech false-starts, last Sunday went without a hitch or glitch. The producers were all so welcoming and approachable and that made the pitching experience less stressful and, actually, enjoyable. Honestly, I much preferred pitching via Zoom than in person with everyone else within earshot. I’m sure the producers felt the same way. ... The idea of having a separate coaching session a week before the pitching experience is, in my opinion, a smart move. It gives us writers the opportunity to digest the coaching feedback and revise and implement our pitches. ~Sam Affoumado

You guys did a fantastic job today in putting this together; today was definitely value added for the writers. I’m taking a look as several scripts, myself. GREAT JOB. ~Gene Fisch, producer

After your curtain calls, please accept my bouquet for a stellar performance redux and a tryout one the week before. Both quite rewarding for me. ~Ina Chadwick, producer


ADAPT AND SURVIVE with Donna Trinkoff, Denis Jones, Brian Moreland, Cody Lassen

Great job last evening.  am glad I was a part of it. ~John Introcaso

Great panel! ~Karen Hudson

LIFE ON HOLD... with Jim Morgan, Jim Kierstead, Markus Potter

Thanks so much for this presentation and for all of them!!!!  It was wonderful!!! ~Maureen Condon

Last night’s panel was excellent. ~Robin Gorman-Newman

Thank you for setting up tonight's panel. It was timely and informative. Your panelists are always so fantastic! Thanks for keeping the dream alive. ~Michelle Ackerman

This panel was wonderful. You and TRU are a gift to the theater world. In the past, my TRU membership has lapsed from time to time, but I will be sure to keep it up to date! ~Tony Scialli

Excellent meeting last night Bob! ~Fran Sisco

That was a great and incredibly timely meeting. Thank you! I look forward to more in the future as well as being part of your TRU organization as a member. ~Lloyd Khaner



Thank you so much! That was a good audition experience. You guys were all awesome and helpful & kind.  Thanks so much! xo ~Jerilyn Sackler

You all were a great help today. Big thanks. Keep in touch. ~ Clifford Katskee

Thank you, all! It was much, much fun!! ~Tanya Gorlow and Kerry Kaz

Thank you for everything! ~Laura Wei

Thank you all for an amazing and smooth audition experience. ~Isabelle Stanton

I’d like to thank you for the thoughtfulness of your audition process. I appreciated the preparation, tips and personal attention - I learned useful techniques I’ll use in future. (And I do hope there is a Zoom Audition future - there are some advantages, along with the real disadvantages.) I joined TRU this year and I look forward to being a member. ~Therese McGinn

Thank you so much for the guidance and experience of auditioning for the TRU Universe via Zoom on Sunday. Thru the webinars and emails and day-of preparation, everyone was so very patient and friendly and informative. For things that usually feel like being shot out of a bullet, you made it work! Thanks again, and hopeful to see you in person next year! In the meantime, hope you got some rest. ~Sierra Rein

Just wanted to thank you for this weekend! It was such an amazing opportunity to get to network and get back to do what we love for a little bit! So, thank you so so so much! ~Ana Grethel Solis


The Intersection of Theater and New Technology: VR, xR, and More with Eric Roffman, Julie Saltman, D.J. Smith 

It was a terrific event with great moderation! and a very interested and involved audience. ~Eric Roffman


Very tough to figure out what to do in virtual world, but these events are very good. The networking aspect is tougher, but you're creating opportunities – and all of us have to follow through. ~Claude Solnik

I continuously see you being very active in the virtual world of live theater. The work of people like yourself brings hope, that we will see many great shows some time in the near future. ~Joanna Muzeja

I am enjoying the weekly gatherings and meeting all the attendees so much that I just enrolled as a TRU member. Thank you so much for these weekly sessions. ~Edward Osredkar