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COVID: It was the darkest of days with darkened theaters every night. The world shuttered its windows, locked its doors, and worst of all – silenced voices.

Theater Resources Unlimited – TRUdid not shutter its windows, lock its doors or become silent. Indeed, TRU kept the porch light lit! TRU, to its core, opened a world to new theater makers and aspiring commercial producers! Always in motion, from all corners of the world, TRU brought together writers, composers, actors, directors and producers and created community from isolation – growth over stagnation – purpose matching passion - and a promise


Bob Ost, executive director


 More diversity and BIPOC voices? TRU! More writers writing, more composers composing, more actors acting? TRU!  More producers producing than ever before? TRU!
Adam Hyndman and Tara Moses of Broadway for Racial Justice.
Live pre-pandemic Writer-Producer Speed Date, where 22 writers met 11 producers.

TRU theater party at Stranger Sings! written and produced by TRU master class grad Jonathan Hogue.

2023 will be the year it all comes TRU!
How? With a little help from our TRU friends. The goal? $10,000. by year end.

For nearly 30 years, TRU has been the leader in developing new voices, talent, and producing professionals for New York stages and beyond. With a gift from a TRU friend like you, we will do even more!

You can double your donation It’s TRU! Our board members pledge that for every dollar donated, a match will be made up to $8,000!

Together, we envision a kinder, gentler post-COVID theater world where TRU believers continue to unite, keep moving ahead and taking action to create a brighter future for our theaters, our communities, and ourselves. Together, we can do all of this – we need friends like you to be true to TRU!

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Here are just a few TRU accomplishments from the past year:

  • Virtual Community Gatherings – Within a month of the onset of Covid, we instituted our groundbreaking weekly virtual community gatherings which have expanded our presence literally around the globe for 134 near-consecutive weeks. With an average of 35 attendees every week for 50 weeks in 2022, we were there to help the theater community feel less isolated 
  • TRU Diversity – Acknowledging the presence and importance of diversity in our community, we formed TRU Diversity to highlight the works and explore the concerns of BIPOC theater professionals. Shown: an interview with Broadway producers Rashad Chambers of Esquire Entertainment (Little Girl Blue, Ain't Too Proud, American Son, The Inheritance, Betrayal, It Happened in Key West) and Blair Russell (Slave Play), imstructor for the TRU Foundations class for producers.
  • TRU Beginnings – In 2022, we assisted 21 writing teams with invaluable information and advice about their work in the TRU Beginnings program How to Write a Musical That Works! And offered 66 writers a chance to meet real producers in our Writer-Producer Speed DateShown: a live pre-COVID Writer-Producer Speed Date in 2019. We adapted all programs to virtual format and continued to help writers throughout the pandemi

TRU continued to nurture and grow a healthy professional theater community – even in the worst of times.


"Solo Success"panel, left to right: Kurt Johns (Hello Kitty Must Die), 
Aizzah Fatima (Dirty Paki Lingerie), Ingrid Griffith (Demerara Gold),
TRU's Bob Ost, Jessica Sherr (Bette Davis Ain't for Sissies), Douglas Taurel
(The American Soldier), Valerie David (The Pink Hulk).

Will you support TRU so together we will:

Expand Opportunities for Writers!
In 2022, 21 writing teams presented their work in one of our TRU Beginnings programs, "How to Write a Musical That Works!" They received invaluable feedback and advice about their work, but they incurred further expense in hiring musical directors and a technical editor. In 2023, TRU will fully fund musical directors and technical assistance so that up to 30 teams can participate with their expenses covered in 2023. This will only be possible with your help! Donate here..."

Expand TRU Diversity!
In 2022, TRU Diversity was formalized and formed into a new program initiative to highlight the works and explore the concerns of BIPOC theater professionals. TRU Diversity produced – live! – a reading of a new play with great BIPOC significance. For 2023, with your support, TRU can produce more BIPOC writers' work and attract greater BIPOC engagement with TRU. This will only be possible with your help! Donate here..."

Expand Membership!
When the world shut down in the spring of 2020, TRU opened up our Community Gatherings and has welcomed in a global community for 134 near-consecutive Fridays since April 2020! These weekly virtual discussions (on Zoom) about our business during and beyond shutdown have also offered a haven of community to help cut through the sense of isolation we were all going through. This has opened up membership to theater professionals from around the world. For 2023, TRU has set the goal of adding 100 more members from outside of the New York Metro area. Will you support us with a year-end donation?


TRU and YOU. One is not possible without the other!
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