What is YPAC?

YPAC stands for the Young Patrons and Artists Circle, a group of Under 40 Theatre Professionals and Patrons, who are TRU members, in good standing.

YPAC is a program of TRU, which serves to create a forum to support TRU and provide peer networking and career development opportunities to rising industry professionals.

For many full time performing arts professionals, it takes until at least mid-life to make a living from their craft.  Our goal is to create a power network of young theatre professionals and supporters, so that these people have an anchoring base of people to whom they can reach out for resources, support, and inspiration.  Those who feel passionate about the performing arts but work in other fields are welcome!

YPAC Events

We have a number of events and initiatives throughout the year, including:

  • An industry networking mixer in the beautiful garden at Pera SoHo in mid- September
  • A holiday party in Midtown in December
  • Panels addressing major issues of interest to young industry professionals- in the first quarter of the year
  • Attending Fairs, Panels, and Events at local universities
  • YPAC Outing or Networking Event in March
  • Wine and Cheese Nights
  • Supporting other members' theatrical endeavors
  • YPAC Table at the TRU Gala
  • YPAC After-Party following the TRU gala

Click on the active link above to RSVP or register for any of these events!

YPAC Membership
  • How it works:
    • All TRU members under 40 are welcome to join YPAC! A TRU member only need indicate that they are interested in joining YPAC when they join TRU, or renew their membership.¬† If you are already a member of TRU, but not receiving communications from YPAC, please reach out the TRU office, or one of the YPAC board members, so we can add you to our mailing list.
    • If you want to join YPAC but are not a TRU member, simply join TRU, and indicate that you would like to be involved with YPAC.¬†There is no additional fee to join YPAC other than annual TRU membership dues.
YPAC Committees and Initiatives
  • Diversity and Outreach:
    • Aims to bring more of all sorts of diversity to the industry, starting with TRU, with a focus on expanding the under 40 membership, ethnic diversity within TRU, and student memberships.
  • Communications and Technology:
    • Supporting and improving TRU's social media, communications, and technology.
    • YPAC's Year One ¬†Major Initiative was to build a new website for TRU,¬†to provide an easy and pleasant user experience.
    • This committee also manages YPAC Social Media pages, works to increase TRU‚Äôs Social Media presence, and other projects.
  • Fundraising and Events:
    • This group plans¬†YPAC events¬†with the goal of enhancing TRU's operating budget, as well as provide professional/ social networking opportunities¬†for TRU members under 40,¬†giving them the opportunity to connect with contemporaries¬†with shared interests, goals, and experiences.
  • Finance, Administration, and Innovation:
    • Working with all of the other YPAC committees, to ensure tracking and reporting the finances of YPAC to TRU staff and board, and compliance with all 501c3 regulations.
    • Provide fiscal oversight of all YPACevents, panels, and projects.
    • Improve ¬†organizational efficieny¬†to create an organized and positive experience for all members.

Becoming involved with one of the YPAC committees focusing on the above initiatives is a great way to make an impact in the industry, build your resume and relationships with others with shared interests, combine your love for theatre and benefit a non-profit organization by sharing your skills.  Please reach out if you would like to volunteer!

YPAC Leadership

Current YPAC Board Members

Executive Co-Chairs
Molly Morris

Diversity & Outreach Chair
Christin Eve Cato

Communications and Technology Chairs
Nobles Crawford & Alan Swanke

Fundraising and Events Co-Chairs
Danielle Gautier & Stephanie Rosenberg

Finance, Administration, and Innovation Chair
Heather Ruiz

Special Committee Chair of Actor Inclusion
Jamibeth Margolis

Founding YPAC Leadership
Kimberly Eaton, Lindsay Aster, Christin Eve Cato, Nobles Crawford, Scott Dennis, Kimberly Loren Eaton, Danielle Gautier, Jamibeth Margolis, Molly Morris,  Josh Rivedal, Stephanie Rosenberg, Heather Ruiz, Jennie Sacks, Alan Swanke, Jennifer Vasquez, Paul Walk

*If you are interested in getting involved with our YPAC Board, please reach out to the TRU office, or a member of the YPAC or TRU boards.