What is YPAC?

YPAC is a committee of Theater Resources Unlimited aimed at providing young people  with a platform where they can thrive.
YPAC is an acronym that stands for Young Professionals and Artists Circle. Our goal is to help young individuals along in their artistic journey.  This will be done by connecting them to successful members of the industry through panels and interactive events. 


I am excited to lead the Young Professionals and Artists Circle (YPAC*), a group of young, passionate, and committed theatre makers of all backgrounds, in achieving remarkable things within the theatrical industry while demystifying the entertainment business and making it accessible to all. 

As a young actor, born and raised in Istanbul, where I began my career as a child actor,  I dreamed of moving to New York and further pursuing my career, being a part of the international Theatre community. That dream became a reality.

During the early years of my training and career in New York City, HB Studio gave me a second home: the freedom to experiment, try-fail, and grow as an Artist. There, I had the fortune and opportunity to work and study with some of the greats of our time, including Jack Garfein, Austin Pendleton, George Bartenieff, and Jack Hofsiss.

Now, with TRU,  Bob Ost has welcomed me to his community of successful theatre professionals, where I've been learning the how-to's of our business, and I am deeply grateful to be a part of this organization and the opportunity to share my knowledge with the younger generation.

One of the YPAC's aims is to connect creative people within TRU and use the resources provided to pursue theatre-making while creating long-lasting, meaningful connections and future collaborations.

Please join us in our mission to support young Artists of all backgrounds in achieving our dreams of Theatre-Making. 


All my best,

Burak Tatar
Lead Executive




Join us for TRU's annual Tony Party! 
Sunday 16th June at 7pm - 11pm
Jack Doyles, 240 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001
A special offer to YPAC members: $50 for full buffet, one drink ticket, and a Tony ballot for a chance to win ticekts to shows, including HADESTOWN!!! A fun night of celebrating theater, networking and enjoying the warm and welcoming community that is TRU!
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Meet our Committee!
www.imdb.me/buraktatar www.rissewriter.com https://www.jordanrichardsactorwriter.com/

*YPAC was initially founded by Stephanie Rosenburg in 2010, under the title “Young Patrons and Artists Circle.”  Founding YPAC Leadership- Kimberly Eaton, Lindsay Aster, Christin Eve Cato, Nobles Crawford, Scott Dennis, Kimberly Loren Eaton, Danielle Gautier, Jamibeth Margolis, Molly Morris,  Josh Rivedal, Stephanie Rosenberg, Heather Ruiz, Jennie Sacks, Alan Swanke, Jennifer Vasquez, Paul Walk.